DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction in Hartford, CT & Surrounding Areas

Breast Reconstruction Expertise in Hartford, CT

Facing a breast cancer diagnosis is a journey that tests the strength and resilience of women. In Hartford, Connecticut, hope and healing merge through the expertise of The DIEP Group. Offering advanced DIEP flap breast reconstruction, the group empowers women to embrace life with renewed confidence. Let us delve into the transformative DIEP flap surgery, where artistry and technical precision intertwine to create beautiful and personalized outcomes.

DIEP Flap Reconstruction in Hartford, CT, at St. Francis Medical Center

The DIEP Group is the only plastic surgery practice offering DIEP flap breast reconstruction in Hartford, CT, and the surrounding area. DIEP flap surgery is performed at St. Francis Medical Center in Hartford. DIEP flap breast reconstruction is a microsurgical technique that uses a patient’s own abdominal tissue to rebuild one or both breasts following mastectomy. By avoiding the use of implants, DIEP flap surgery delivers natural and long-lasting results. The DIEP Group’s expertise in this cutting edge surgery offers women in Hartford, CT, the opportunity to restore their sense of self and femininity.

The DIEP Group in Hartford, Connecticut – Experts in DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

The DIEP Group is a group of fellowship-trained microsurgeons specializing in free flap breast reconstruction. The group has decades of experience performing DIEP flaps for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. The group has an unwavering dedication to patient care and passion for advancing surgical techniques. The group uses Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols for all patients undergoing this type of reconstruction to shorten their hospital stay, minimize pain, and facilitate recovery.

The DIEP Group: A Center of Excellence in DIEP Flap Surgery in Hartford, Connecticut

At The DIEP Group, the microsurgeons collaborate with a compassionate and experienced team dedicated to providing exceptional care for breast reconstruction. This team includes nurses, anesthesiologists, and physician assistants. As a specialized plastic surgical practice, The DIEP Group has earned a reputation for delivering personalized treatment plans and unwavering support to every patient.

Why Choose Hartford for DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

DIEP flaps are a complex surgery, usually involving two microsurgeons and lasting 4-6 hours for one side and 8-10 hours for both breasts. Patients want to be able to stay close to their home when undergoing this surgery and recovery. Our surgeons operate at St. Francis Medical Center, which serves all prospective patients for DIEP flap breast reconstruction in the Hartford area. Recognizing the individuality of each patient’s case, The DIEP Group team creates a plan depending on the details of your surgical history, your body shape, and your desires.

Advantages of DIEP Flap Reconstruction in Hartford, CT

1. Natural and Aesthetic Outcomes:

DIEP flap breast reconstruction utilizes a patient’s own tissue, resulting in a more natural appearance and feel. This aesthetic advantage helps women regain their self-confidence and body image.

2. Reduced Risk of Complications:

By avoiding the use of implants, DIEP flap surgery offers a safe alternative for breast reconstruction, reducing the risk of implant-related complications and avoiding the need for future implant exchange. This is especially true if patients have undergone radiation therapy to the breast.

3. Enhanced Abdominal Contour:

The use of abdominal tissue in DIEP flap surgery can also result in an improved abdominal contour, providing patients with an added benefit similar to a tummy tuck procedure.

4. Long-term Solution:

DIEP flap breast reconstruction offers a permanent solution that can significantly impact a woman’s quality of life for years to come. Once the abdominal skin and fat is transplanted to the chest, it ages very naturally with a patient.

DIEP Flap Surgery at St. Francis Medical Center in Hartford, CT

If you or a loved one has undergone mastectomies and desire to use your own tissue, consider a DIEP flap for natural breast reconstruction. If you have encountered problems with tissue expander or implant infection after mastectomy reconstruction, a DIEP flap may be your best option in reconstruction. For women who have capsular contracture from radiation therapy to the breast, DIEP flap breast reconstruction is the best option to soften the breast and avoid long-term complications, tightness, and pain. If you are looking for a DIEP flap in Hartford, CT, or the surrounding towns of Glastonbury, New Britain, Bristol, or Windsor, look no further. The DIEP Group performs DIEP flap surgery at St. Francis Medical Center in Hartford, CT. Call today (203-383-0392) to set up a consultation with one of our surgeons to learn more about the surgery and your options.

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